Our teas and coffees

All our teas come from Comorian agriculture

All our teas are made with love and passion. We blend several flavours from Comorian agriculture to please you.

Our criteria for selecting a quality tea are based on the particularity of well-preserved and natural plantations, the taste of the Indian Ocean and the elegance of the Comoros Islands.

Why you should buy our teas :

In this day and age, almost all professionals offer organic products, and consumers are also very careful about what they buy. So, creating a tea with a unique taste remains our challenge throughout the year. We blend several flavours (cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, ginger, thyme, mint, lemongrass) that are natural and grown under the best ethical conditions to make you travel without moving. 

How to prepare our teas?  

All our teas come with a stainless steel tea strainer loop, ideal for brewing your tea in a mug. To release its magical fragrance, our teas need to be brewed for a longer time (at least 60 seconds).