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50g Comoros Clove Powder

50 g of ground cloves, unprocessed, without additives or colouring. Origin: Comoros Archipelago. Cloves are used in cooking and medicine as an antiseptic, anti-infectious and antibacterial.

4.00 € 8.99 €

Turmeric powder

50g of turmeric powder, unprocessed, without additives and without colouring. Origin, Comoros. For seasoning hot dishes. A powerful anti-inflammatory

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100 g vanilla-sugar

100 g white sugar with organic vanilla extract from the Comoros. Vanilla sugar is used to flavour whipped cream, desserts, cakes and sweet preparations.

3.99 € 6.00 €

Flash sale 1 Kg vanilla A + from Comoros

Bourbon vanilla beans from the Comoros archipelago Category A+ Calibration : 18- 22 Cm Vanillin level : 2,4 % (minimum) Humidity level / Taux d'humidité: between 20 and 30 %. Année récolte / Harvest year : 2022

180.00 € 273.00 €

"Faina" vanilla pods

Calibrage / Calibration : 14 - 16 Cm Taux de vanilline/ Vanillin level : 1,8% (minimum) Taux d'humidité/ Humidity level: entre 30 et 35 % Année récolte / Harvest year : 2022

Starting at 6.00 € 8.99 €

100 g Brown Vanilla Sugar

100g Réunion Island brown sugar with Comoros organic vanilla extract. Vanilla sugar is used to flavour whipped cream, desserts and sweet preparations.

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Cardamom has important aromatic and flavour properties. It is used in traditional medicine for its potential health benefits, including aiding digestion, relieving stomach upsets and combating bad breath. It is also used as an ingredient in perfumes and essential oils because of its distinctive fragrance. It can be used to flavour a wide variety of dishes, both sweet and savoury. It is often used in combination with other spices to create complex and delicious flavours.

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