Our organic vanillas

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    Why should you buy our vanillas? 

    - Our know-how and solid skills are based on the 40 years of experience of our parents (the only farmers who ensure the cultivation, preparation and packaging of all our vanillas, from the Comoros archipelago).

    - Our preparers use totally natural and traditional methods to respect the environment and guarantee the satisfaction of our consumers.

    - Our vanillas are all natural, some of them certified organic and recognised for their superior organoleptic quality (the only vanilla in the world with +2.4% vanillin and 22 Cm of grading).

    - We offer a wide range of this vanilla from the Comoros archipelago, our country of origin (in pods, powder, tea


    how to store your vanilla properly ?

    There are three things you can do to keep your vanilla beans with their aroma:

    - Store them in a dry place, away from light and air, as they do not tolerate sudden changes in temperature.

    - Group them together by squeezing them together in order to preserve their humidity.

    - Above all, wrap them in the paraffin paper offered. We always deliver with this paper and in a vacuum bag, simply to keep your pods fresh for as long a

    s possible.