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We are delighted to present here our selection of technical training courses and seminars, both online and face-to-face.

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Become a vanilla expert.

Sector: vanilla

The Nour Fahad company is organising a 17-day training course in Bangoi Mafsankooi, Comoros, for all those wishing to become vanilla producers/preparers.

Price of the course: €450

Duration: from 22 July to 08 August 2024.

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Communicating effectively for better business in the Comoros.

This course provides an overview of the fundamentals of effective communication, specially designed to enhance your entrepreneurial initiatives in the Comoros. It consists of 6 videos in Comorian and a 20-page brochure in French. These resources will enlighten you on the importance of effective communication for success in the Comorian environment. They will help you to promote your products and services to your customers while adapting your speech to the Comorian speaker in front of you.

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AIs suited to the socio-economic situation of the Comoros: Beginner training | Guide & Prompts

Find out what this course has in store for you:

Start from scratch and become an expert in artificial intelligence, whatever your experience or professional field.

Apply AI to any job in Comoros, even without any prior skills.

Boost your career by becoming a ChatGPT master and accumulating successes.

Train ChatGPT to respond precisely to your needs using advanced techniques.

Master the art of writing guidelines to fully exploit AI beyond basic concepts.

Explore the use of AI in a multitude of domains and professions with commented guidelines.

What you'll find in this course:

5 informative videos for an immersive learning experience.

A complementary brochure to consolidate your knowledge and expertise.

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