Become an expert in vanilla.

Sector: vanilla

The Nour Fahad company is organising a 17-day training course in Bangoi Mafsankooi, Comoros, for all those wishing to become vanilla producers/preparers.

Price of the course alone: €450 = KMF 223,000.

Price of training + return ticket + accommodation and subsistence costs: €2,565 = KMF 1,261,980.

Meals to be paid for by the participant.

Duration: from 22 July to 08 August 2024.

Payment methods: CB/ESP/ PayPal/ PayLib/Transfer/ Possibility of paying in 3 instalments.

Location: Bangoi Mafsankooi, in the Mitsamiouli region (north of Ngazidja), Comoros.

Objectives of the course :

To learn about the origin of vanilla, its quality criteria, how vanilla flavours (vanillin) are formed, etc.

Understand the economic and social situation of Comorian farmers, vanilla processing and export techniques, with a particular focus on improving the ethics of trade.

Understand the major challenges facing the vanilla industry, the outlook for production in the Indian Ocean and trends in world vanilla prices on the international market.

This exceptional course takes participants on a journey to the heart of the northern region of Ngazidja. Authentic, wild, surrounded by paradisiacal beaches, warm, translucent waters and populated by thousands of fish, this region will enable the participant to carry out and take part in multiple activities to discover the nature, fauna, flora and magnificent landscapes of the North N'gazidja National Park (including Turtle Island, the beaches of Maloudja, Le trou du prophète, L'llot de Ndroudé, Le lac salé...).

At the end of the course, participants will be able to :

Develop skills in the vanilla sector.

Grow and prepare "planifolia" Bourbon vanilla.

Master the components of quality, food safety and microbiology for the different types of planifolia vanilla.


All those involved in the vanilla sector:


Vanilla exporters and sellers.

Exporters' quality managers.

Buyers and quality managers of vanilla companies.

Representatives of professional organisations.

Consumer associations.

Anyone involved in vanilla-related activities.

Language: French and English.

Training programme :

Week 1 - from 22 July to 26 July 2024 :

Economics of the vanilla industry in the Comoros.

Vanilla growing in the north of Ngazidja.

Visit to the fields of the NF-Com company (collective harvesting of green vanilla pods).

Week 2 - 29 July to 02 August 2024 :


Scalding of green pods.

Food and microbiological safety of vanilla.

Post-scald treatment and steaming

Drying and sorting

Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 July 2024 :

Two-day educational outing: (Discover the National Museum of the Comoros, the beaches of the Mitsamiouli and Hamahamet region, visit the dragon backs of Ivoini. 1 barbecue at the salt lake).

Saturday 03 and Sunday 04 August 2024 :

Graduation ceremony + a grand traditional Toirab.


A vanilla scientist. This is an expert who knows the field well.

The founder of NF-Comores, who has been preparing Comoros Bourbon vanilla since 1974.

The founder of NF-France, an expert in initial and continuing training.


Have vanilla-related activities.

The price includes : The intervention of experts + the educational booklet "Lavani ya komori". (a manual written by NF SARL COMORES).

Teaching methods :

Presentation of the different themes with practical work in the field.

Teaching manual provided to each participant with application exercises.

Acquisition of knowledge with the main objective of transmitting knowledge relating to agronomic, post-harvest, biochemical, sanitary and economic actions carried out within the vanilla industry.

Assessment methods :

Case studies and discussions with growers and processors in the industry.