"Faina" vanilla pods

Calibrage / Calibration : 14 - 16 Cm

Taux de vanilline/ Vanillin level : 1,8% (minimum)

Taux d'humidité/ Humidity level: entre 30 et 35 %

Année récolte / Harvest year : 2022

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Main characteristics :

Vanillin content of 1.8% (minimum): Our vanilla is packed with vanillin, the precious compound that gives it its distinctive, bewitching fragrance.

Moisture content of 28-35%: Our vanilla beans are carefully dried to preserve their freshness, without excess moisture.

14-16 cm sizing: Each bean is carefully selected to ensure optimum size, making it easy to extract the vanilla efficiently.

Culinary uses :

Our Comoros vanilla beans are a treasure trove for food lovers, offering a multitude of uses such as:

Desserts: Infuse your desserts, ice creams and pastries with the natural essence of vanilla for an incomparable taste experience.

Savoury cuisine: Surprise your savoury dishes by adding a subtle touch of vanilla to enhance the flavours.

Patisserie: Use vanilla in creams, sauces and glazes for an extra touch of refinement.

Drinks: Add a vanilla pod to your hot drinks, cocktails or infusions for an exquisite aromatic note.

Why choose our Comoros Bourbon Vanilla Beans?

Exceptional quality: Carefully harvested by hand, our beans guarantee superior quality every time.

Authentic origin: Directly from the Comoros Islands, the birthplace of Bourbon vanilla, and cultivated by an expert family for over 40 years.

Intense flavour: With a minimum vanillin content of 1.8%, our vanilla releases a powerful, bewitching fragrance with each cooking.

Kitchen versatility: Give free rein to your culinary creativity and transform your dishes into true masterpieces with our premium vanilla.