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 one pod = one pen project


The "one pod equals one pen" project is an operation to collect school supplies to help 250 children of farmers in the commune of Nyumakomo (north of Ngazidja), in the Comoros archipelago. The aim is to distribute 250 school kits to the pupils of the Bangoi-Pidjani public primary school for the school year 2021-2022.

It is important to note that the families of these children (all peasants) are going through very difficult times since the arrival of COVID because they do not have the necessary means to buy their school supplies.

Nour Fahad is working with the teachers of Bangoi-Pidjani primary school to provide assistance by giving the children access to books and improving their schooling.

General objectives of the project :

  • To improve the schooling of the children of EPP Bangoi-Pidjani.
  • Maintain and increase the chances of success for young girls.

Operational objectives :

  • Accompanying the teachers of the Bangoi-Pidjani school.
  • Distribute school supplies to children.
  • Create a small library at Bangoi-Pidjani primary school.

Besoins :

  • Books.
  • Money.  
  • Educational games and school supplies.

I give books, games or school supplies